Soham Har Damru Baaje

Natyasangeet is a distinct genre in Hindustani Music Earlier in the golden days, I’v heard that sangeet-naataks used to go on for hours and hours, sometimes overnights. The actor-singers would enthrall the audience with their live performaces. We have travelled to the world of 30 sec reels from there and I know it is evolution but a tiny bit of my heart craves for slow-living.

This Friday I have attempted to sing one of my favourite natyageet based on Raag Todi and composed in Drut Ektaal. Since it is practically not possible to record with instruments every time, I’m experimenting with different sounds that can go with the song that I’m recording. This is a different treatment to the song but I have tried honestly and sincerely to retain its soul Hope you like my honest attempt.

Which is your favourite Natyageet?

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Soham har damru baaje Composed by Pt Ram Marathe

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