Balsagar Bharat Hovo

Happy Republic day!

We have come such a long way as a country and I am proud of each and every good thing as an Indian. While recording this song, a thought came to my mind. What if every single person, all of us, every citizen of India takes a small pledge! Nothing big and fancy. Very tiny and minimal. Something like : I will not litter on the road. I will not throw the chips packet out of my car window or something like : when the signal is red, I will stop. Something so simple, extremely do-able. You are not answerable to anyone but to yourself. It does not matter what your education is, whether you are a doctor, engineer, government official or whether you stay in a city or a village. What will our surroundings look like? Just something I always think about and wanted to share today!

Balsagar Bharat Hovo brings back a lot of memories from school days just like Jayostute and I feel the energy resonated by these songs is incomparable. All of us have sung these songs so many times in school and later, life happens and we almost forget about them. But not totally. They lie deep down in the corners of our hearts and mind. I was reminded of this song and decided to record it to celebrate our Republic day! Please do listen to this and feel free to sing with me! It is a song for all of us!

Balsagar Bharat Hovo : Written by Sane Guruji, Composed by Vasant Desai

Time Signature, 4/4 Scale F, Tempo 123

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