What is a playlist and how you can make one

Playlists are the best thing to happen in the digital music streaming world and I can’t imagine listening to music without a playlist..

What is a playlist

A playlist is a collection of songs put together by someone – based on their liking or a theme. It is a best way to find a collection of similar songs or a song by a specific artist that you love.

Anyone can make a playlist just by adding the songs to a new playlist on any platform of your choice. You can name the playlist as per your theme : for example, Long Drive Songs, Calm Songs, Dance Music Etc.

Artists make their own collection of playlist and you can follow/like/save those playlists to add them to your library. It is the best way to support music and enable the artist to make more of it.

Here is an example of my playlist MARATHI UNPLUGGED on youtube
This is a playlist of all my original songs on Spotify

Depending upon your platform, you will get an option to add/love/share the playlist to your library and that’s it! You’ll always have access to your favourite songs in your own account!

This is my personal favourite collection of playlists on Spotify

5 Relaxing Spotify playlists that do calming magic

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