Aamne Saamne – a marathi play perfect in every sense

Theatre or ‘Naatak’ is a passion not any artist is capable of. The dedication, sincerity and earnest efforts it needs makes it a specialised performance sector. I have been an ardent theatre lover since my childhood, courtesy my mom. Watching a live play in itself is an unmatched experience, something you can never achieve by Netflix and chilling!

I am very picky about watching plays and was waiting eagerly to experience the spectacle called Aamne Saamne. I was lucky to witness the 175th show in Pune and it is hard to express in words the emotions I felt after the show ended. This is a marathi play which every young person should watch along with his family and especially. senior citizens.

Aamne Saamne is a story of Apartment 201 and 202. The neighbours are couples of 2 generations and the story beautifully unveils through humour and delicately touches intricate topics – topics which remain unsaid due to age-old thought-processes and mindsets. Watching Aamne Saamne felt like dusting through a room full of unwanted thoughts and getting to see a clear picture of what actually exists.

It is not an easy task to arrive at an intelligent conclusion of such a ticklish topic in our society but Aamne Saamne has achieved this Herculean task. Writer- Director Neeraj Shirvaikar has created a play which has the capacity to bring a positive change in our society, while being the finest entertainer. The four pillars of Aamne Saamne Leena Bhagwat, Ketki Vilas, Rohan Gujar and Mangesh Kadam deserve all the applause, laughters and tiny drops of tears appearing throughout the auditorium in its 3 hour duration. Thank you so much all of you for taking us on this roller-coaster ride!

To all my friends who appreciate phenomenal art, please do not miss this naatak. They will also be touring the US in Summer 2023.

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