From the desk of a judge of a soulful inter-school singing competition for Pune Climate warriors

I was invited to judge an inter-school singing competition and what a joyous experience it was !
Pune Climate Warriors had organised a song-singing competition for schools and the theme was ‘only one earth’.

Singing competitions are not new but the uniqueness of this competition was the theme and the fact that students were encouraged to write compose and perform the songs with instruments

It was a heartwarming experience to listen and witness the lyrics and tunes made by the students.
Their enthusiasm was contagious. The props used on stage along with the involvement of students while singing every line of the song made the entire event memorable.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of instruments on the stage from tabla, harmonium, to keyboards, guitars – bass and electric, violin, flute, bongos, cajon keyboards, tambourines, traingles along with shakers made from plastic waste.

Today was a day in my life which highlighted my ray of hope, hope that we are moving somewhere in the direction of accepting and working positively on climate change.

I was taken back down the memory lane when I took part in hundreds of inter-school competitions. It is such a proud feeling to represent your school!

Today i listened to about 40 school-groups singing with so much zeal that it rekindled my desire to work more with such young talents. Self composed songs and the message of being a climate warrior – these two aspects were the highlight of today’s event for me.

Thank you for having me over Pune Climate Warriors

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