Shlokas which shaped my childhood

We, Indians are born in a rich culture with traditions dating back to centuries. There is so much to learn and understand about our history and a lifetime will be inadequate. Sanskrit is one of the most ancient languages, holding some of the most magnificent scriptures written by some of the most learned humans on the history of this planet.

As a child, most of us are taught shlokas to develop concentration and ‘shuddha vaani’ It is a marvel how we still remember things taught to us in our childhood even after decades. While going through my old books and while discussing a few memories with Aai and Baba, my heart felt suddenly so warm when we recited the shlokas which I learnt in my childhood. Each shloka has a significance and today as an adult I understand how they helped shape my childhood.

I love to concentrate more on the values imbibed in these shlokas and how their power remains unaltered even after centuries. I recorded them and here is a collection of Shlokas which I used to sing as a little child. Did you sing these too?

Any more that you want to add to this list?

Listen to all of them here on this video below

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