How I select songs

A lot of my friends asked me this question : How do you select songs for your videos? This blog is my attempt at jotting down my thoughts on what attracts me to a song. The music space is flooded with lakhs of songs/genres/languages/styles. How to choose what song you want to perform? If you look at it keenly it is a difficult task one one hand but on the other hand it is very easy. Let me explain why I think so.

Here are the things that attract me to a song.

  1. Emotion : This is a personal feeling of how deeply one feels after listening to a song. It is subjective to everyone and can change as per phases in one’s life. Music has power to heal, to uplift your mood or to drown you in memories. I try to sense the emotion before selecting a song, like this one!
  2. Lyrics : I am a hardcore lyrics-enthusiast. I am drawn towards songs with profound lyrics and I give this credit to my mom. She passed on this passion to me. If I think more deeply, I would never select a song if the lyrics aren’t good. It is kind of a pre-requisite for me. There are a few songs which I sang after falling in love with the lyrics more than anything else like this one
  3. Melody : Some songs are in my list due to the compositions. There are times when I forget to look at lyrics because I am fully and whole-heartedly in love with the melody of the song, like this one . I am absolutely not saying that the lyrics of such melodies are not good. I just fail to get to the point of looking at the lyrics because I am clean bowled by the composition.
  4. Loved ones : I love to sing the songs which my loved ones love dearly. It is so satisfying to be able to sing something which makes them smile. Like I sang this one for my mom and this one for my dad and this one for my cousin
  5. Requests from listeners : Last but not the least, I love to select songs from the requests that I receive on my website. I am thankful for all of you for flooding my Facebook/instagram/youtube with comments but since it is hard to keep a track of all the comments, I have created this page specially for requests. So please take a moment to mention your song requests here :

Also, I have written and composed a few songs in the past couple of years. Since these are original compositions, they mean a lot to me, If you could give them a listen too, I will be so happy. Here is the list :

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