Malharbaug – a riverside solace you didn’t know you needed

I have always dreamt of a picturesque cottage nestled on a riverside where I wake up to the songs of the birds. ‘Malharbaug’ is this dream turned into reality.

My multi-talented friend & her family have created a farmstay right out of a story book. Malharbag is a riverside abode away from all kinds of pollution. Nestled on the banks on Arjuna river, the बाग is tastefully built with a collection of over a hundred of plant species. You have to drive a few meters on a kaccha road and park your vehicles in the river bank (during non-monsoon months) and walk across a small bridge to reach this beautiful abode. You are greeted with the vision statement and the idea behind building malharbaug which translates to – coexistence is the essence of living on this planet. Rajput uncle believes and lives by the virtue of respecting every living species, all small insects, birds, plants and co-existing with them in nature.

Your cottage welcomes you the moment you enter the property. The cottage is aesthetically designed with plants and flowers forming a part of every little corner. The cottage also hosts a small kitchenette if you plan to stay for a bit longer. You will find all basic amenities to have a comfortable stay here surrounded by nature but if you expect a hotel-like experience and wish to order paneer-butter-masala while you are away on a vacation, I humbly want to mention that you are not what a place like this seeks. But if you want to enjoy local delicacies, be one with the surroundings while understanding the basics of vegetation, plantation, farming while respecting the environment, you are a perfect match for this peaceful world.

One amongst the many pleasing aspects of Malharbaug is the collection of aromatic flowers around the entire place which welcomes you the moment you step in.

Malharbaug has a collection of swings in the property and swinging on the mango tree looking at the river while listening to the burbling river water was my personal favourite thing to do here.

One of the most unique experiences here at Malharbaug was to walk on the bridge at night with zero light pollution and look at the sky to enjoy the constellations and millions of stars. You never get to see such stars in the city sky.

The river Arjuna flowing happily around the property has the cleanest water and gives you the calmest experience. I could never get tired of the view of the pure reflections in the river water.

If you promise to travel sustainably and wish to experience this bliss, check out this property on Airbnb here.

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