Lunch for two @ INR 375 in the heart of the city

In the world of luxury and showbiz, something like having a good meal in a cozy place at INR 375 is definitely something worth a new blog post. Of course you won’t get the bone china serve-ware and heavy cutlery. But the concept of having a wholesome, tasty (with a variety of so many different flavours) meal in a hygienic setting at a rate so reasonable, is something you can experience only in an Indian city. Correct me if I am wrong here, but I am pretty confident!

Pune is one of the most liveable cities in many surveys across the countries. I am not saying this as a Punekar but this is the one of the few cities where I easily find the combination of a safe roadside stall to a 5 star 7 course meal!

One weekend, we had some intense shopping to do and so we gathered courage to go the busiest shopping place in my city : the peth area! The peth area in the old town of Pune city deserves a separate blog post on how it magically functions despite the lack of space and the crazy crowds!

Above is a glimpse of a typical afternoon in Pune old town

After fulfilling our shopping desire, we hopped to this amazing snacks centre situated on the corner of the busiest chowk in Pune old town. It is a cozy place with a tiny staircase that takes you to the eating area on the first floor. The ground floor is exclusively only for sugarcane juice (उसाचा रस) and No! you don’t argue with a punekar shop owner.

With a drained battery, we ordered a couple of food plates and they served it in literally a couple of mins. A wholesome meal with a reasonable price and decent portions – we did not expect all of this from the tiny joint. After looking the the bill in the end, I was reminded of the contradiction from the earlier weekend, where I had been to a party with my family to an amazing restaurant in a mall. One mocktail costed more that this entire meal! And the purpose? Food!

I do believe that luxury has its own charm and one must enjoy that too, but I was just amazed at the contradiction of what the same amount of money can buy!

Too many wants but little real needs – this is the stage all of us are in! What matters is how we balance the needs and wants, don’t you think so?

If you happen to visit the peth are in Pune, don’t miss the good food from this place! (This is not a paid review)

Location here :

Murlidhar Snacks Center
091756 18618

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