Dil to bachcha hai ji

This song is an incredible piece of art. I have always admired the compositions of Vishal Bharadwaj ji They feel like pure cotton in the world of synthetic fashion. The combination of both Gandhaar in the signature line of the song is my most favorite part. Gulzar ji’s words decorate this masterpiece like find handwoven embroidery! Rahat ji’s voice is like a cherry on the cake in this! I have always wanted to sing this song and making it this Friday’s song for the channel!

किसको पता था पहलू में रखा
दिल ऐसा पाजी भी होगा
हम तो हमेशा समझते थे कोई
हम जैसा हाजी ही होगा
हाय ज़ोर करें, कितना शोर करें
बेवजह बातों पे ऐवे गौर करें
दिलसा कोई कमीना नहीं ! 

Dil Sa Koi Kameena Nahi – How true is that!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Dil to bachcha hai ji by Saee : Scale E, Tempo 171, Time Signature 3/4

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