My singing recipe

Is singing easy? Is it hard? Answer of both the questions can be yes and no! After my recent workshop : Techniques to sing better, I was reminiscing at all the FAQ’s and one unusual thing struck me – Every artist has his or her own recipe to create art and that is what makes him/her unique. Of course we take inspiration form the stalwarts and our idols but till the time we don’t select and add our own ingredients, the recipe will not be unique!

What is my singing recipe?

I try and make sure I understand what the song/melody means and the emotion it tries to convey. My singing style depends a lot on the emotion and I honestly try to build it on the backbone of my foundation of basics of sur and taal. I love to explore the melody in my own way and make sure I am having a lot of fun while at it!

How do you think I doing? Would love an honest feedback on every piece of my work that you come across!

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