Things that make me happy

I decided to list down the things as part of an exercise. These are the things that define us as a person. When we find out the tiniest things that make us happy, we realise that actually, life is so simple. We complicate it unnecessarily. It is easier said than done when motivational books and movies tell us : Live in the present. Enjoy the moment. And our financial advisor tells us : invest wisely, don’t spend much and save it all for the future. So eventually we turn out all confused and frustrated : should I live the moment or invest for the future?

I am sure there is always a sweet centre amidst all the left and right, and while trying to find it, it is important to find out what really makes you happy?

In the list of all the things that make me happy, I have learnt that most of them are simple.

Adding to the above list. Some other things that make me happy are :

  1. Perfect ray of sunlight peeping through the window
  2. When in shuffle mode, the next song plays in the same scale as the earlier song.
  3. When you wait in the car till the song playing in it finishes, even when you have reached your destination
  4. Clicking tiny wild flowers
  5. Going on a long drive to the countryside
  6. Hugging Trees
  7. Gardening
  8. Writing anything on paper with pen (fountain pen +10 points)
  9. When someone enjoys my home-cooked food
  10. Gift wrapping

What are your happy-things? Tell me one here in the comment?

5 thoughts on “Things that make me happy

  1. Things that makes me happy
    – When your favorite song plays on radio
    – Song with good beats / lyrics
    – Samosa 😋
    – Long countryside drive for sure, specially when I am driving.
    – Walk on a Pleasant Morning

  2. Feeling the rain n the smell of the soil of the first rain❤️the rainbow that appears n delights ur senses by its mesmerizing hues, this joy so simple yet unmatched

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