Lock the box – read more!

We are trying to read more since the past couple of years and our visit to this place enhanced our excitement. This book fair organised by Bookchor.com had this amazing concept of Lock the Box. You choose a box as per your need, fill it with as many books as you can and pay just for the price of the box. There is something special about pre-owned books, don’t you think?

We were lost in the treasure book- island for at least a couple of hours and we managed to get ourselves a treasure-box! In this world of audio-visuals, we can’t forget the magic and charm of books and we have to definitely take extra efforts to get attached to them.

Being a Potter-head, I can’t explain in words how it developed my sense of imagination and creativity as a kid. And yes, watching the movie made from a book is not a same as reading that book! I personally enjoy reading the book first and then watching the movie. The discussion of movies or books is unending so let me end this blog here by sharing the details about the book fair!

The current one is happening art Harshal Hall in Kothrud in Pune and it is form 11th – 20 th Nov. But you can check https://bookchor.com for their upcoming fairs in all cities. You can also sell your books here.

Happy Reading!

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