Tya Tithe Palikade

I have always marvelled at the visuals this song creates. It actually paints a picture for you. Today. it is hard to experience any of this beauty, especially in cities. So we are left to walk hands in hands with art and music to be able to experience such bliss. I am also reminded of konkan whenever I listen to this beautiful song!

गवत उंच दाट दाट
वळत जाइ पायवाट
वळणावर अंब्याचे
झाड एक वाकडे

त्या तिथे पलिकडे तिकडे
त्या तिथे, पलिकडे, तिकडे
माझिया प्रियेचे झोपडे

Hope you like my honest attempt and hope it reminds you of something beautiful and serene too! Please do share the love with your friends and family!

Composed by : Sudheer Phadke, written by Ga Di Madgulkar, Originally sung by Malati Pande

Chafa Bolena by Saee : Scale E Tempo 171, Time Signature 3/4

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