10 misconceptions about singing

1. Anybody can sing well

Anybody who wants and loves to sing can sing but to sing well, one must have a basic understanding of melody (sur) and rhythm (taal)

2. singing is easy

No art form is easy and that holds true for singing too. To sing well, one must learn the basics and practice. Riyaz and years of practice is something every good singer will vouch for

3. IT is too late for me to learn to sing

It is never too late for anything. And of course, the earlier you begin to learn, the better but if you have the basic understanding of sur and taal, you can start learning at any age.

4. I Can’t sing in my a specific pitch (scale)

Every person has a unique scale. Especially for classical singing and riyaz, one must find one’s perfect scale and sing in it and not follow any scale blindly. Just as every body is unique, so is every voice. The scale in which your teacher/ friend/ colleague is singing might not be the same one for you. Seek proper guidance and sing in the scale comfortable for you for maximum output for your voice.

5. I can’t sing this song because I Can’t reach the original scale

Just as explained in the earlier point, every person has a unique scale and a unique voice. Every time, it is not possible for each one of us to match the scale of the original singer. You must alter the scale to suit your voice and the song. In certain scenarios, it might not be technically possible. But that certainly does not mean that you should strain your voice or sing beyond your capacity to match the original scale.

6. There is only one way to sing

Just as there are many classical gharanas, composers, renowned singers, we know that there are multiple ways to project your voice and use vocal techniques. In order to sing with your natural voice, one must find the approach that works best for you

7. Singing has nothing to do with emotions

Emotion is the essence of singing. While singing the melody and lyrics, if it is not accompanied by emotion, it won’t reach the audience

8. if you can’t sing in a high pitch you are not a good singer

As already discussed, every voice is unique and every pitch is important. This is a very common misconception that only singing in high pitch is good singing.

9. Vocal damage is only due to oily/cold food

Unhealthy vocal approach towards singing can lead to vocal damage. Over singing, singing with lack of sleep, over stress, singing with existing infection or a pre-existing vocal condition can lead to damage to your voice.

10. I can sing just by listening and not understanding

This type of singing is a way to imitate the original songs. There is nothing wrong in it but if one understands the basics to music one can sing correctly and more efficiently,

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