Sunya Sunya Maifilit majhya

If I am ever asked to choose top 10 compositions that I admire from the bottom of my heart, Sunya Sunya Maifilit Majhya by Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar will never be out of that list. Suresh ji Bhat’s words woven into a zig zag trail of emotions finds the right spot in my heart every single time. Personally as a singer I would also say, this falls under the most challenging category of songs. The nuances and the spacing of the words, the interludes, everything has a stamp of excellence marked on them.

उगीच स्वप्‍नात सावल्यांची कशास केलीस आर्जवे तू ?
दिलेस का प्रेम तू कुणाला तुझ्याच जे अंतरात आहे ?

All the 3 antaras are outstanding and the song feels like it should never end!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Sunya Sunya Maifilit Majhya by Saee : Scale C, Tempo 129, Time Signature 3/4

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