Santh Vahate Krishnamai

Sudheer Phadke (Babuji)’s songs have an unbuilt plugin of sweetness embedded in them. I have listened to this song a thousand times but never had the opportunity to sing it (being in the male voice) So, grabbing this week’s Friday to sing one of the most serene composition by Babuji : Santh Vaahate Krishnamai

सतत वाहते उदंड पाणी, कुणी न वळवुन नेई रानी
आळशास ही व्हावी कैसी गंगा फलदायी ?

I understood a very deep and important meaning of these words by Datta ji Davjekar while singing this antara. Such immensely powerful work is done by these composers and lyricists. I am so glad to discover such gems, one every week with all of you!

Fun fact: If you listen to my rendition, you’ll hear a light water flowing effect in the beginning and in between behind the interludes. The sound in this particular track is the sound of the dhom dam backwaters. Dhom Dam is an earthfill and gravity dam on Krishna river near Wai in state of Maharashtra in India. I had recorded this sample of water sound when I visited the dam and was so thrilled to try to use it in this track ‘ Santh Vahate Krishnamai’. Just a little pure fact that the sound is actually of the waters of the Krishna river!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Santh Vahate Krishnamai by Saee : Scale E (pandhari 3), Tempo 84 , Time Signature 4/4

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