Indie Dusk @ The Soundtrack Cafe Oct 2022

I recently had the opportunity to present the songs I wrote / composed at one of the most special musical venues in town : The Soundtrack Cafe! The Soundtrack Arena is a dedicated performing space on the first floor of the Soundtrack cafe in Pune which is acoustically designed by Bose Professionals. The venue promotes indie music and it is a heaven for artists as well as music lovers.

All set for the performance

On Oct 2nd, I performed at their singer-songwriter event ‘Indie Dusk’ with my talented friends and co-artists Radhika Anturkar and Varun Nimbolkar

Our set included marathi and hindi originals and a few old covers from the inspiration series. The combination of vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars along with the serene sound of sitar created a very unique vibe. We were so lucky to have a range of audience from a 7 year old to 65+ year old senior citizens. The most exciting part was the story telling behind each song and explaining the creative process behind them. The joy of performing & talking about the songs you wrote/composed and receiving positive words from the audience is beyond ordinary.

We started the evening with my first composition ever Saya Tujhi and went on with songs from different moods and emotions! It was a unique experience to perform my collaborative song “The Unposted Letter” live with a different flavour for the first time. I was thrilled when the intense composition ‘Tujhysathi‘ was received so well by the audience.

The bose sound and the serene ambience of the venue elevated the concert experience and all of us shared a wonderful musical evening together. Such special venues and concerts hold a unique place in my heart and I am so glad that we could do this!

Perfoming LIVE at the Soundtrack Arena!

In case you missed this one, please look out for more such unique musical experiences & check my updates about upcoming concerts here

Indie Dusk at The Soundtrack Cafe!

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