Peaceful location near Pune

Weekend is a concept evolved in the past few decades to allow us to refill on our drained batteries while running the rat race.

But I have a feeling that these days, weekends are a part of a rat race too! There is a race to show the world what a rocking weekend we had and to create an unnecessary Tsunami of dissatisfaction and comparison. Bar hopping, restaurant jumping, bhushi-dam crowd-karofying : we are somewhat faraway form these ways of weekends. Just give us an uncrowded place in nature, a small window of good weather and some simple good food and we are turbo charged!

Sharing this simple shade of happiness with anyone who can resonate with us!

We usually drive along tiny roads in the countryside till we find a place we can walk on a hill! We climbed on this trail and a grand view of the dam backwaters greeted us. The windy weather made the walk and the view all the more filmy! We stared at eagles flying against the wind, floating at a single point in the sky, discussed buoyancy and lot of other concepts of physics and reluctantly came down after our enthusiasm was weakened by the strong winds!

We drove by watching the rice plantations by colourful farmers and tiny waterfalls flowing into the fields on the embankments. This view was no less than the swiss countrysides. Only if we learn to deal with our garbage and amend the mentality of people to preserve our natural habitats.

Only a few more years left till we can enjoy such locations in good weather conditions. I sometimes wonder, can something really be done to reverse climate change or is it already too late?

For anyone and everyone promising to leave only your footprints there, sharing the location

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