Never Ending Story (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things came on Netflix in 2016 and I was attracted to it with its sepia tone and the perfect feel of 80’s era. This sci-fi series features a story inside a small American town named Hawkins. The most adorable part of this series are the kids Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas and Eleven!

In Season 3 there is a hilarious scene where a monster is chasing the town and Dustin and Suzie (his science camp girlfriend) break into a song(a song-let actually as it is a tiny one), at the end of which they find the answer they are looking for to beat the monster! The song is melodious, catchy and so groovy that I wanted to sing it right the moment I heard it. Joining me for this rendition is my brother Ishan who shares my love for music and many other things close to my heart!

All of this might sound absurd without reference, but if you like some science fiction action and want to be drawn into the ‘upside down’ world of these endearing kids, do not miss Stranger Things on Netflix (This is not a paid review) and this song will grow on you too!

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