Turning Red : another animated gem making adults rethink

Image credits : movies.disney.com

We make sure not to miss any addition in the animated film treasure-box, especially if it has Pixar associated with it. I strongly, sincerely and full heartedly believe that animated films are predominantly made for adults to convey deep and heavy stuff cutely to make it reach our hearts gently. I had an old blog of my favourite animated films and why. I’ll make sure to repost it soon.

Last weekend, we treated ourselves to Disney Pixar’s latest ‘Turning Red’ (currently streaming on Hotstar) It is an insightful story of a thirteen year old Mei who puffs into a giant (and super cute) red panda with the surge of her emotions. The film is an amazing journey into managing expectations of parents, growing up, puberty and the effect it has on your physical and emotional well being.

Another thing that made my heart melt in this film was the fictional boy band 4 TOWN which features in the movie. Their resemblance to BTS was uncanny and fun to watch. The music as always was splendid and I am already mentally singing and dancing on one of their tracks (Watch out this space, might post one soon)

Though Turning Red may not be in line with the strongest films like Inside Out by Pixar, I still feel it reaches the viewers’ heart in tackling the important yet universally neglected topic of parent’s expectations so beautifully.

Already Seen? Would love to know your thoughts.

Not yet Seen? Add it to your watchlist with my personal rating of 7/10

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