Olya Sanjveli

Music has a multi-dimensional connection capability. It connects us to so many people, places, locations and memories. This song is special to me because of the lyricist. Ashwini Shende has written the song ‘Olya Sanjveli’ for the film Premachi Goshta. I was stunned at the line : उन्हे सावलीस बिलगावी since the moment I heard the song for the first time. The concept of the golden light of the evening falling into the arms of the shadows creates an emotion like no other. I am deliberately expressing myself in English here on this blog so as to invite all my non-marathi audience on-board to experience this beauty of marathi language. Ashwini has written a lot of such beautiful lines and has given lot of emotions faces in the form of her exquisite words, which only a capable and gifted writer can accomplish!

Saee Tembhekar and Ashwini Shende

I met Ashwini for a concert and we met as a singer-lyricist. But today, we share such a beautiful and genuine bond. It is hard to find a person with whom you can chat for hours without losing interest and who always makes you feel good, bright and positive all around! Hoping to sing a lot more songs (and originals too) written by Ashwini!

Hope you enjoy this sweet romantic song !

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