Musical Green Space in the Pune city

This new public park was inaugurated recently in my area and I visited it the first time last weekend. It is hard to see such dense trees in the middle of the city and when they make the designated areas into beautiful green spaces, my heart is full of gratitude for all the people who work to make this happen.

Acupressure walking-path

Late Balasaheb Thakare Udyan is a public park in Kothrud. It hosts a pretty walking track covered by dense trees and a huge number of gazebos for people to rest, sit or exercise. The acupressure walk-way also adds to its charm. But, the main attraction of this space is the art installation of a bunch of musical instruments. The tabla-dagga, harmonium, tanpura, sitar to name a few stand tall in this green pocket and make the experience more memorable for music lovers like you and me.

This is one of the newer public parks by PMC and I am blessed to be living in a city where we have such green pockets for the citizens. Our responsibility remains to keep them as they are and not be a nuisance to such spaces!

Sharing the location for anyone and everyone who promises to – leave nothing but footprints here!

Late Balasaheb Thakrey Garden

One thought on “Musical Green Space in the Pune city

  1. Hello Saee,

    Thank you for sharing this. We will have one more place to visit when we come to Pune.

    We too in Navi Mumbai are very blessed with many such green spaces. One being right next to my home. Infact we share a common wall with the beautiful park. It has a lovely small amphitheater. It would be so amazing to have a nice Sangeet Baithak if it would interest you. Right now the weather is harsh but an early morning winter Baithak would be delightful. Do share if you would like to explore this option. We can see how to take it forward.

    Best wishes always.

    Warmly Sarika Athalye

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