Jungle in the middle of the Pune city

March 2022 was the hottest March since the last 122 years – said the Indian Meteorological department in the news today. We as humans, have successfully ruined most of the green cover that kept the earth sane. In the chaos of all these realistic thoughts racing my mind, I find solace in beautiful green pockets and that 1 hour spent takes away all the tiredness like magic.

Today, we visited Chittaranjan Vatika, a not-so-new public garden managed by PMC. It is hard to believe that such a beautiful green space exists in the middle of the city. The park is covered with dense trees and has a vast collection of flora. The walking track of roughly 1.5 km is elegantly designed to go through the entire park. Covered benches for resting, gazebos for senior citizens and play area for children tick all the points and make this an amazing place for everyone in the family

One fascinating aspect of Chittaranjan Vatika is the tiny traffic park which is made to teach kids about the traffic signs and rules. This arena is aesthetically encompassed inside the park premises and that is what makes the park special.

I have been here multiple times over the years and I am so glad that it remains the same level of awesome. Kudos to PMC and the Parks Department for maintaining it so well. These are the lungs of our city and we HAVE to take care of them as citizens too!

Sharing the location for anyone and everyone who promises not to – leave nothing but footprints there!

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