The blank canvas is a complete picture – Milind Mulick

Picture Credit : Orange house by Milind Mulick Painting on Art vindow

Today we had the opportunity to meet and interact with the renowned artist Milind Mulick. It was an elevating experience to listen to such a deep-rooted yet down-to-earth artist sharing his life experiences. We went there as art lovers and amongst the numerous things that I learnt in this meet, this one thing moved me was when he said : the blank canvas which you have in front of you is a complete picture in itself. When you add lines, colours, shapes, textures and tones, you divide the completeness and add another level of meaning to it.

He also spoke about how music affects his painting process and how he loves to listen to music that evolves – like classical or jazz while painting. He said that music releases some happy chemicals in his mind, which convert into what he wants to express in his paintings.

This whole interactive session with Milind ji Mulick was a beautiful experience for me to understand and appreciate cross collaborations among art forms and how ‘experiencing art’ is a similar journey everywhere.

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