Waste Time

There are days when I am so motivated since the moment I wake up and I manage to carry the motivation along till the end of the day. I manage to do 27 things although my to-do list says only 12. I end up working, cleaning, re-arranging the house, cooking and also making calls to friends and cousins – all on ‘that’ day.

Then comes a day when I cannot believe I am the same person. I absolutely don’t want to enter my studio or kitchen. I feel a strange weight over my shoulders and think that why am I even doing all this? Such days are tough. Due to my workaholic nature, I feel guilty every single minute that I am not working, even when I am unwell. But the ‘big realisation’ that I like to call the lockdown – has given me a different perspective towards all this.

I came across this striking quote in my content-absorption overdose on social media which made a place in my mind and heart. I am writing about this here to also remind myself and share the positive vibes. We live in a very complicated world today. Food is not just food, we have to make a 1000 decisions to arrive at what to buy and what to eat. Any amount of hard-work and sincerity feels less as there are 10000000 people doing exactly the same. Any amount of money that you earn is never going to be sufficient as there will always be a 3 BHK over 2 and a 4 BHK over 3 and a Mercedes over your Hyundai Car. All this creates and attaches a constant stress graph on our emotional and mental well-being. We are as helpless as Tom Hanks in Castaway and there is no way to get off this island of rat-race !

Unless, we do find a way. Slowly, gradually, we try to simplify our lives. We try to ‘live’ more than just ‘survive’! I am intrigued by this philosophy and will share more as and when I find out. The first step is acceptance. I have accepted that I will try live one day at a time and at the fullest!

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