International Women’s Day 2022

Celebrating it today but living it everyday is the key. The key also lies in believing in gender equality more than women empowerment. It means teaching our sons AND daughters to cook and clean the house and drive and pay the taxes. It means not getting surprised when you see an excellent female bass-guitarist or a moto-racing driver. It means congratulating her just on her skills and not on the concept that – she is a woman and yet she has that skill. It means easily neutralising the concept of skills, talent and success on a ‘human’ rather on a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’. It also means not getting surprised when the man in the house cooks & the woman makes investment decisions. As a woman, it means taking out time for yourself just as you do for your kids & family. It means pushing your girl-friends to achieve that potential, celebrating their success, rather than pulling them down and also appreciating the guy-friends & gentlemen in your lives who value you as a woman.

It is inspiring to see small changes happening over the past decade. Let us all BE THE CHANGE!

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