Mighty Matterhorn from Zen Zermatt in Switzerland

The romantic car-free town of Zermatt offering breathtaking views of the Alps was always on our bucket-list. One of the best parts of Switzerland is the train travel. It takes a while to figure out the best suited travel ticket/pass, but the SBB has taken all efforts to make it super accessible and efficient for good planners. (Forget the words cheap and economical when in Switzerland!! )

We started early morning from Geneva, took a tram to the station and then two connecting trains to reach the charming town of Zermatt. The train journey is as fascinating as the destination of Zermatt. We were lucky to see a combination of winter vistas and spring panoramas all across. The moment we reached Zermatt, we headed to the information centre and bought tickets to the mountain railway that would take us to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Switzerland is a pioneer and master in constructing, running and maintaining mountain rails. The fact that you can reach the summit of snow-laden Alps in minutes is outstanding. The views are spectacular and words fail to describe them.  Being the ski season, watching the skiers cruise on the ski slopes from above was so fascinating. It was so lovely to see even small kids skiing effortlessly on the Alpine slopes. Skiing in Switzerland is like a regular family affair. Just like we casually go and watch a movie on a weekend, these guys casually go and ski. The cross-country ski trails are also such an exciting thing! Wish to do it someday!



Even though we were equipped with basic winter clothes, and the season we went in was technically not winter, the super chilled weather on the top of the Matterhorn glacier felt like a survival test. The panorama point to view the mighty Matterhorn from up-close was such an epic spot. We had to mentally and physically prepare ourselves to brace the blustery chilly winds to catch the glimpse of the peak from the viewpoint, but it was so much worth it. Did you know that the shape of the Matterhorn is the inspiration for the world famous Toblerone?

The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise has a beautiful ice palace with some stunning sculptures. It also has an irresistible cinema hall which shows amazing short movies on Matterhorn in different seasons and its flora-fauna!



As we descended into the base town of Zermatt, we took a stroll in the cute fairy tale alleys. You can see the Matterhorn in the background at every turn. Zermatt is nestled inside a cradle of the mountains and is a beauty to walk in anytime of the day. There are so many shops, cafes and restaurants, bright streets filled with walking people. Not having cars on the roads is indeed like a dream! Each place in Switzerland is crafted so beautifully for the tourists that it is not unusual to have a feeling of staying everywhere! You never feel like leaving! We finally called it a day after roaming around for hours and promising to be back sometime again hopefully!


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