Landing in the Dream Country – Switzerland

By definition, this is supposed to be a fairy tale country. Anyone who has been here once, is bound to have drenched in its beauty and have some parts and memories of it lingering on him/her forever. Out of the myriad of descriptions that I heard about it, from people been there, the one that struck me was : This is a 5 Star country.

Along with the tag of one of the most beautiful countries, it also attracts the stamp of being one of the most expensive country to visit or stay in. Amongst the innumerable things that I learnt, felt and experienced after visiting this country, the first and foremost is – it stands true to all its craze. It proves worthy of being that expensive, and the allure and gorgeousness it holds is inexplicable in words.

First Glimpse – Forests

Needless to say, you get stunned the moment you start ‘landing’ in this country. Green pastures and farms with one neat road leading to a single house inside them – is the most common sight, just like an innocent kid would draw in his /her art book. The most spectacular art book turned into real nature by magic – I made this up to satisfy my curiosity as to how beautiful nature can be in one place!

Living by the forests, next to a major city

Owing to the geographical advantage, this country is blessed with nature’s best palette. What I love about it is the way it is preserved and adorned by the people for decades.

This country has world-class railways, also owns the steepest one in the world. Chocolate is best made and consumed here and hiking, cycling form part of the daily routine. Trams dominate the routine city transport in this small and cute country. More than Victorinox or Rado, it is the peak summits here and the routes to get there that excites me personally. It has sought the perfect balance of being technologically advanced yet extremely close to nature and natural surroundings.

Landing in this country  and opening my eyes to such landscapes is like a dream coming true. Most of you who are still reading must have guessed the country. More on my sojourn in this dreamland in the next blog. Im still soaking on these bird’s eye views of this nature’s empire.


P.S. We live on a beautiful planet. Please do not litter. Be a responsible traveller.

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