Cycling in Diveagar

To ride our bikes on roads without vehicular traffic was next on the bucket list. The pains of carrying our bicycles all the way to the west coast was worth the experience. We started early morning from Pune and with a quick breakfast at the Orchard Café (one of the best in the vicinity) we cruised our way through the breathtaking route of Tamhini.

We reached Diveagar before noon and we were the prime attraction of the local people. I’m not sure if they had earlier seen mad people like us entering the Beachside hamlet with bicycles attached to the car boot. We freed the bicycles from the car stand and geared up for our cycle-adventure.

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Welcome to Diveagar

The streets of Diveagar were the exact definition of “cute”. Cycling in these cozy lanes gave the same feeling like eating the whipped cream from the top of the cake!

A street in Diveagar

The roads were empty, just a few other local cyclist to give us company, with a little change in the panorama offered by the State Transport Bus once an hour. The ambience was perfect. We had a feeling that we were a part of a vintage movie!

A few lefts and rights took us to the famous Golden Ganesh Temple (Suvarna Ganesh Mandir) in Diveagar. Beach towns of India are full of heritage temples and Diveagar is no exception.

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Suvarna Ganesh Mandir, Diveagar

After pedalling around the town, we were on route the most awaited thing! Taking the bike on the Beach! The highlight of the cycle ride to Diveagar was this picture that you see below. Riding amidst the tall trees, we could hear the gushing waves of the ocean but finally having the glimpse during the ride, made our day!

First glimpse of the ocean

Even in the scorching heat, we could not resist the temptation to touch the shore. With a little difficulty with the sand, we finally managed to get the bikes on to our most awaited backdrop.

Much awaited backdrop to click our lovelies

The experience to ride a bicycle in a laid back town like Diveagar is like a double booster stress buster. A visit here will itself cool you and riding a bike (of course if you love doing so) will exponentially boost your energies.

After a scrumptious homemade lunch at one of the local homes and a much required sleep, we took off to explore another side of the town. Each road had its own beauty and tranquility. Kids were amused to see us riding with so much excitement! “What’s in it to be so much excited? “they must be thinking. Sunset at the beach was exactly like we had imagined. There is something distinctive about sunsets. Even though it the same sun setting every day, it still feels special. It spreads calmness around it. Seems like it applies the ‘fade out’ filter to everything and everyone around.


The route that we took next day was the highlight of this cycling trip. A small road from Diveagar goes to a village called ” Aadgaon”. We got excited about the road by seeing in on google maps itself and couldn’t wait to see it in person.

map aadgaon.jpg
Excitement guaranteed – Our cycling track

The entire patch of road from Velas to Aadgaon went straight parallel to the ocean. It is surely a film location. I’m not sure if any film is shot here but if some producer stumbles upon the location through our blog we would love to have the “discovery charges 😉 “

Cycling along Bliss

The cycle ride along the ocean with negative traffic on this scenic route has been one of the best memories of our cycling diaries till date. We also cooked breakfast under the tree beside the beach. This beach side riding escapade was a super exciting one.

The backdrop of ‘Game of Thrones’ Village

After going a little further as we turned, we spotted this little village elevated up the hill which we instantly named the “Game of Thrones” village. The location was a perfect landscape for the popular Series. Hope they come to shoot here in the near future!

Mahabaleshwar is tired of us guys, it boasts of 35 degree Celcius now. Lets give it a break. Let’s come out of the stereotype. Lets explore the less known.

P.S. India is a magnificent country and we live on a beautiful planet. Please do not litter. Be a responsible traveller.

All photos are clicked and owned by us. Please drop a line if you want to use them.

Eating in Diveagar (we recommend) : Patil Khanaval 

Staying in Diveagar : Diveagar has a lot of homestays and also a few hotels to suit needs of all travellers. Staying in homestays and eating homemade food gives the perfect Diveagar experience.

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