Bara Motechi Vihir – Heritage Well Near Satara

Around 100 kms from Pune on the NH4 is a small village called Limb. An actual village with farms and huts gives this small trail a sublime feel. As our combined love, our #hondaamaze turned two we ticked another divine location off our list of #amazediaries : Bara Motechi Vihir, Limb, Near Satara, Maharashtra

We were planning to go to this place since a long time after reading a few blogs about it ! Fascinating architecture with historic heritage situated to close to Pune – Bara Motachi Vihir !


Ancient wells are treasures and this one is no exception. Symmetrical stone steps lead us down to the beautiful framework.


Climbing down the steps is almost like a suspense as you cannot imagine what is in store ahead. Deep silence with the melody of ripples on water give you company in your exploration. We were lucky to have almost NIL “contemporary” visitors.

3.jpgAfter stepping down the first lot of stairs we look up and find this ! We are in a different plane altogether ! The fifth dimension is given by the history which feels alive once you step in here !


Thinking of some curious stories as to what must have been the use of this structure ! With the leaves and other stuff, it is apparently used for some devotional offering by the villagers now !


A stunning balcony ? Overlooking a well ! That is so cool ! The carvings gives this stunning balcony a royal feel indeed ! The well is said to be constructed between 1641 and 1646. The quality and sturdiness of the construction is beyond imagination.


The water level was down owing to the recent drought in Maharashtra when we visited. Some pictures from previous visitors showed water pretty high above the border line.


Standing inside the Royal balcony making some important decisions like which camera angle to use !!


The modern pipeline is the descendant of the 12 moats which was used to draw water in the historic era.


The mini – mahal (small palace ) which is built up the sub-well has beautiful carvings and the balcony overlooks both sides – the well and the entrance to the well.


Chorwaataa (Secret Passages) … Shhhhh…….
There are two secret passages leading in and out of the gallery.


Standing in the royal gallery overlooking the entrance of the step-well and the tree up above the ground gave an awesome perspective. Doesn’t look like an underground photo does it?


The gallery has artistic carvings and a genuine treat for all art- lovers. Being underground, the atmosphere in the gallery is super-cool. Stone constructions are a boon for coolness.


Inside view of the gallery is seen below. The yellow colour comes from the sunlight peeping through the secret passage. We spent close to an hour in the gallery exploring minute aspects of the fascinating architecture.


The lion was apparently protecting the well from intruders. I wish he could come to life and scare away those who litter such marvellous heritage properties.


The well is said to be 110 ft deep and has a diameter of 50 ft. It was constructed to provide water for the mangroves in the surrounding areas.


The view from the ground after we retreated from the heritage well. It was a fascinating underground trail to experience spectacular history and artwork.


P.S. India is a magnificent country and we live on a beautiful planet. Please do not litter. Be a responsible traveller.

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