Bhuleshwar – The Time Travel Machine

There is really a lot to see and do around Pune, like many other cities in India. We usually dedicate weekends to explore the highways going out of Pune. Pune Solapur Highway (National Highway 65 took us to this heavenly place called “Bhuleshwar Temple” It is hardly 50kms from Pune. After taking an exit from the National Highway, pretty village roads lead you to the hillock on which the temple is built.


Bhuleshwar is indeed like a time travel machine. This marvellous structure made out of stone is said to have been built in the 1200’s. The area in and around the temple is so calm and peaceful that you automatically feel relaxed and can spend hours in the cool shades of the trees.


This Shiva Temple has an interesting history. It has a lot in store for the devotees as well as travellers.The stoned architecture gives the temple a magical cool atmosphere. Inside the temple, you can actually feel cold after a while even in the afternoon, when it is scorching hot outside. The temple was earlier a fort.


For travellers and photographers, the main highlight of the temple is the group of beautiful intricate sculptures and carvings along the interiors and exteriors of the temple. The carvings are extremely unique and leave you in awe.

IMG_5670.JPGThe walls, pillars and each section of the temple is eccentrically built and you fall short of adjectives to express your admiration. The styling of each cluster of sculptures is discrete.


The cool  and descriptive interiors of the temple is capable of building a picture of history in front of you. There are a bunch of sculptures which are said to be broken during an invasion. The walls of the temple must have so many stories hidden in them.


Knowing little about the history and beliefs of this temple, we just visited this place as travellers and it took us on a history trip across the span of thousand years. The sculptures seem to be telling a story. the story that they witnessed, lived and stored deep within them.  Does the following scene look like a marriage? Or is it a celebration ? Unfortunately we found no one to explain the history and the stories. But It was fun to interpret and trying to get somewhere with the links.



The temple’s architectural style is indeed unique. It also appears to be a tomb from an angle and it is said to have built in such a way to stay protected from invaders. Three different colours of stones appear as of today. All frames and camera angles can give you delightful pictures.


You can reach to one side of the entrance by car and can also climb the steps up to the approach of Bhuleshwar Temple. Our dear #hondaamaze, which drives us peacefully to all our wish-list locations to add pages to our #amazediaries : seen below on the backdrop of Bhuleshwar temple.


The surroundings of Bhuleshwar are mainly farms, and farm-lands. The temple spot, being on a hillock, stages picturesque views with strong cool winds to give you company.


This is a one day trip from Pune and a place, every art-lover and nature lover would admire. We also saw the work in progress for a sanctuary on the route to Bhuleshwar and would love to go and check out what new is in store for us. It is hard to control the temptation to upload a lot more pics. But it is the age of short-blogs and T 20 matches so will give way for our Instagram Profiles. Do check some pics here : S and

P.S. India is a magnificent country and we live on a beautiful planet. Please do not litter. Be a responsible traveller.

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