All for the Views-Fort Korlai

A pleasant weekend late in January, we embarked upon to add miles to our #amazediaries. A little lesser visited patch of the western coast of India, Near Alibaug, is Nagaon and Revdanda. Extremely beautiful beaches with delightful little villages, this is a nature lovers department. Don’t expect fancy starred restaurants or 4 lane roads. This is a perfect place to take in that extra oxygen.

To the south of Nagaon is a little village of Korlai. You have to cross the river Kundalika, (the bridge has striking views) to reach Korlai. Korlai appears to be an island from Revdanda. But it is connected to land from the south. A road from the Korlai town leads to the Fort and the Lighthouse. You tend to doubt if the road really goes up, but it does. Wait till you see the stunning view of the sea on the left hand side once you start climbing the hill.

2.JPGIt is a bumpy ride up there but it is worth all the trouble. The car goes up-to the iron gate -the entry of the lighthouse.  A side road adjacent to the boundary of the lighthouse campus leads to the stepped trek to Fort Korlai. It was built in the 1500’s and the fortification structure can still be seen. The trek is an easy one but be sure to carry water along. The elevation is good, so staying hydrated is essential.IMG_20170129_105425_115.jpgThe fort is huge and is blessed with breathtaking sea views from all sides. There are 3 entrances to the fort, we read. But this one seemed to be the easiest. Revdanda Fort can be seen from one side along with the bridge that gets you there. 3.JPGUndoubtedly the Fort would look more serene in he monsoon but the winter beauty was equally astonishing. Early mornings or evenings would be the best time to go up there. The pains taken to reach up to the Fort are nullified with the captivating views that it offers. 4.JPG

There are (thankfully) no eateries in and around the fort. That is what makes it peaceful and serene. The transparency of the sea water on the white sand beach of Korlai can be seen and felt from the top of the fort.

There are so many such marvels in and around cities in India, which can be visited around the weekend. Fort Korlai is indeed a must visit for enthusiasts, visiting any place near Alibaug. 2 hours are roughly enough to explore and enjoy the forts.

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P.S. India is a magnificent country. Please do not litter. Be a responsible traveller.

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