Our go-to place for plant shopping in Pune

Me and my husband are both plant enthusiasts and we started our plant journey from 4 tiny plants in out little balcony to a 45 plant collection today in our new home! Gardening is an exceptionally satisfying experience and we love to spend time in our little green spaces.

We have tried a lot of options to buy seeds and plants but our current go-to place is this big nursery on NH-4

‘The Enchanted Garden’ is a perfect name for this nursery which offers a generous option of both indoor and outdoor plants. What I personally like about this place is that it is neatly organised and each plant is tagged with its name and price, helping you to make easy decisions

One word of caution though : we are never able to stick to our budgets and often overshoot while buying plants here : such is the power of the appealing display of the beautiful greens!

The right section of the nursery offers a stunning variety of planters, and plant stands alongside compost, plant food and plant medicine. We are experimenting with home compost since 1 year and have fabulous results ( I will write a separate blog post on that soon ), so we don’t usually buy compost from outside anymore

This is the only guilt free shopping I have been able to do since the past couple of years. While absorbing heaps of data/information/knowledge I have started to ponder a lot on the multiplying effects of push marketing, fast fashion and shallow lifestyles of almost all of us!

Outdoor section of the nursery

Hoarding stuff is not the right way to go about but having a little more plants will do more good than bad. So if you want to ramp up a green corner in your house, don’t hesitate to shop guilt-free !

*This is not a paid review and my honest and personal recommendation

Details and location of The Enchanted Garden

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Hidden gem in Panchgani

We are always on a hunt for tranquil locations. We have been to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar so many times and we are lucky to find a new place every single time.

This photo above was the place we stumbled upon a couple of years ago.

And this June we went on a long drive on a weekday to arrive at a ticketed forest area giving a stunning panoramic views of Panchgani mountains. There are benches on the way to rest and soak in the bird calls.

Imagine walking into a canopy of trees, with nothing but the bird sounds to keep you company. It is an easy trek upwards to a small deck which hosts a 360 degree view to the mountains and tree-cover of Panchgani

As we went on a weekday, we had this gorgeous area all to ourselves. Imagine walking inside a forest (feeling safe) all by yourself with no crowds to take away your peace! It is (definitely) a plastic-free zone so if you carry your snacks with you, you have to make sure you take the plastic with you and drop it in the dustbin at the exit.

Imagine sitting here and reading a book!

We absolutely adore and crave for such places and we are lucky to find them at good times. There are a few such gems left and slowly mankind will eat up all the green spaces that once existed – sorry for stating this bitter-harsh truth. On one hand I feel that there can be so much done to avoid this savage future, but on the other hand I feel that it is already too late! We are already headed downhill, but we can surely reduce our pace.

Things we carry without fail to such treks : caps/hats, sunglasses, water bottles, little snacks like dry-fruits, small empty bag to keep our own garbage, cameras, tripods, good footwear.

P.S : It rained for literally 9 mins when we were here and we managed to shoot a few glimpses for my Friday music! Stay tuned!

For anyone and everyone promising to leave only your footprints there, sharing the location

Oxygen machine in Pune city

Pune is blessed with a terrain which is surrounded by the Sahyadri ranges and decorated with a few dozen hillocks. (Tekadi) Punekars, for years with the help of a few NGO’s have jointly protected the tekadis from concrete development and a lot of them are now under the forest department and a paradise for morning-walkers and fitness enthusiasts.

The tekadi behind ARAI, also known as Vetal Tekali, is one very close to my heart as I have been here since school days with my father. It is hard to believe that a natural landscape like this exists right in the middle of the city. This tekadi connects Kothrud, Erandwane, Pashan and can be accessed to come on top from all sides.

What I admire about the culture of tekadi in Pune is that almost everyone adheres by the unsaid nature’s law and contributes towards the well being of the place. I have seen so many grandpa’s carrying water all the way from a tank to water the newly planted saplings on the tekadi.

The tekadi is beautiful in all seasons but mesmerizing beyond words in the monsoons. The pond in the stone quarry in the middle of the tekadi is filled with flora and fauna and witnessing a peacock or two is a casual thing for everyday walkers here!

I sincerely and genuinely wish it stays as it is in the future and continues to bless us with the immense oxygen and serenity that it has in abundance.

For anyone and everyone promising to leave only your footprints there, sharing the location

Musical Green Space in the Pune city

This new public park was inaugurated recently in my area and I visited it the first time last weekend. It is hard to see such dense trees in the middle of the city and when they make the designated areas into beautiful green spaces, my heart is full of gratitude for all the people who work to make this happen.

Acupressure walking-path

Late Balasaheb Thakare Udyan is a public park in Kothrud. It hosts a pretty walking track covered by dense trees and a huge number of gazebos for people to rest, sit or exercise. The acupressure walk-way also adds to its charm. But, the main attraction of this space is the art installation of a bunch of musical instruments. The tabla-dagga, harmonium, tanpura, sitar to name a few stand tall in this green pocket and make the experience more memorable for music lovers like you and me.

This is one of the newer public parks by PMC and I am blessed to be living in a city where we have such green pockets for the citizens. Our responsibility remains to keep them as they are and not be a nuisance to such spaces!

Sharing the location for anyone and everyone who promises to – leave nothing but footprints here!

Late Balasaheb Thakrey Garden

Jungle in the middle of the Pune city

March 2022 was the hottest March since the last 122 years – said the Indian Meteorological department in the news today. We as humans, have successfully ruined most of the green cover that kept the earth sane. In the chaos of all these realistic thoughts racing my mind, I find solace in beautiful green pockets and that 1 hour spent takes away all the tiredness like magic.

Today, we visited Chittaranjan Vatika, a not-so-new public garden managed by PMC. It is hard to believe that such a beautiful green space exists in the middle of the city. The park is covered with dense trees and has a vast collection of flora. The walking track of roughly 1.5 km is elegantly designed to go through the entire park. Covered benches for resting, gazebos for senior citizens and play area for children tick all the points and make this an amazing place for everyone in the family

One fascinating aspect of Chittaranjan Vatika is the tiny traffic park which is made to teach kids about the traffic signs and rules. This arena is aesthetically encompassed inside the park premises and that is what makes the park special.

I have been here multiple times over the years and I am so glad that it remains the same level of awesome. Kudos to PMC and the Parks Department for maintaining it so well. These are the lungs of our city and we HAVE to take care of them as citizens too!

Sharing the location for anyone and everyone who promises not to – leave nothing but footprints there!