Kata Rute Kunala

I have a very unique cozy feeling whenever I think/talk about Shanta bai Shelke. I am unfortunate to have not had the privilege to meet her, but I always feel I have always met her. Whenever I think of my Aaji, I feel like Im thinking about Shantabai Shelke. She feels like my aaji, who used to love me so much, care about me, read me stories and bless me with well-being. Amongst all the songs written by her, I never had the opportunity to sing ‘Kata Rute Kunala’ and this is my first and honest attempt. I have had the opportunity to perform and interact with a lot of disciples & ardent followers of Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki. This is my interpretation of this masterpiece by Panditji and I have tried to sing it the way I understood it.

There is so much treasure in our old literature and I am having the best time in digging gems out and attempting to sing them. Is there anything you would like to listen to in my voice ? Please do drop in the suggestions in the comments ! Thank you for listening and supporting always!

Maitrinno Sangu Naka

We have come a long way from the feeling of this song as women but today I would to like to celebrate the genuineness, simplicity and eagerness in this song! Feelings that are on the verge of getting extinct. Music, literature has a magical way to preserve them and sharing one of the sweetest composition by Gajananrao Vatve ji from the old era today!

Hope this takes a few people down the memory lane and takes the other few towards seeking purity of emotions!

Do share it with your Aai, Mavshi, Aaji, Atya and Kaku and Maitrini, of course!