O Palanhare

This past week I have been in a vulnerable mood. The recent shooting in a school in Texas, singer KK passing away in a sudden manner and a few melancholic losses in my close friend circle led me thinking about how helpless we all are as humankind. We know that everything can come to an end in the fraction of a second, yet we have our weeks, months and years planned ahead of us. The contradiction between these two ideologies finds solace in the concept of a ‘Creator’ – It can be the ‘Divine’ for some and ‘unanswered scientific explanations’ for others.

Some songs help find me that peace and compassion when everything feels gloomy. A R Rahman’s sound combined with Lata didi’s voice in this song has taken it to a different level. Hope you like my honest attempt at this song.

Is there a song which works in the same manner for you?

Jeevanat hi ghadi

Even if it is just a poetic expression, I am sure all of us have come across at least one moment in life when we feel that time should freeze. Jeevanat Hi Ghadi is one such amazing piece of art portraying a similar emotion.

Pt. Yashwant Deo wrote and composed this song and it is sung by none other than Lata didi. Since 6th February 2022, I personally am in a different frame of mind when I listen to her songs. This song for me is a state of my mind where I forget everything and just feel the presence of her voice, that magic and that eternally magnificent yet simple emotion.

On another note, do you feel that today in the world of 5G, social media, rat race, abundance of data and such dramatic surroundings, will we find such pure and genuine moments where we feel like saying : जीवनात ही घडी अशीच राहु दे?

Here is a sweet memory of spending a whole musical day with Pt. Yashwant Deo when I attended his workshop as a kid.

Saee Tembhekar with Pt. Yashwant Deo

Hope you like my honest attempt at singing this masterpiece! See you all next week!

Saavar Re

There are endless romantic songs in all languages. I sometimes feel that romance is the most desired feelings chosen by writers to reflect their thoughts. There are numerous romantic favourites in my list but this marathi song with its peculiar lyrics makes it to the top. I was so lucky to sit next to its creator and perform this song a couple of times. He smiled at me through his thick glasses and even at the “joyful” age of 85, did not forget to appreciate me at the end of the concert for this song.

Mangesh Padgaonkar, the veteran lyricist in marathi literature, has a myriad of entrancing songs to his credit. The simplicity of his words and expressions is reflected from his personality.
Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar’s invincible style of compositions has created exceptional songs from which one of the masterpiece is “Saavar re….”

सावर रे सावर रे सावर रे उंच उंच झुला

सुख मला भिवविते सांगू कसे तुला ?

The song switches time signatures intelligently and the tune flowing with the chromatic notes gives a mesmerising touch to the whole song. She is in love, in deep love. She is so immensely happy that she is afraid of it. I sometimes feel, it relates to the feeling that you deny to accept at once, any sudden contentment that you face at some points in your life. Finding true love can fall in this bag of feelings.  The lyrics of the song are evident in all the aspects connected to love : dreams, nature, inner self, surrender, trust and faith. All of this compiles beautifully to this amazing masterpiece. 

Bhay Ithale Sampat Nahi

Poet Grace and Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar together have created a bouquet of such remarkable songs. Whether it is Ti geli tevha Rimjhim, Bhay Ithale Sampat Nahi or any other song, the end product from the combination of these two extraordinary artists always leaves the listeners in awe. There are so many perspectives in the interpretations of Poet Grace’s words and it is a new experience listening to all of them.

I had not listened to/tried to sing any of Lata didi’s song since I heard the news. My heart just couldn’t handle the emotions. I feel the time taken to sink in the news was needed for me to be able to sing her songs again. I will share more as and when I can on this in this space. This is my first Lata didi song upload since then!

Which is your favourite Poet Grace song?

The world will never be the same again

The moment I heard it, I became thoughtless and still. All of us knew this news was going to appear one day, but no one of us was ready for it. There will be millions of words written, tears shed, songs sung and words spoken about her today. The intensity of my emotions passed on from inside me on this page holding the hand of the ‘inspiration’ that I had with me since the day I began to understand ‘music’. I understand what ‘loss-of-words’ means in a very different way today.

The world will never be the same again. We live in a different world starting today. A world which became lighter, because the breaths of a legendary human, who’s voice made the lives of a million people worthwhile, does not exist anymore. I am not going to write about how remarkable she was or how many songs she sang. I know words can never be enough to express these things. The sentiments that millions of Indians are experiencing today are proof of the existence of her voice in their hearts. She is immortal through her music. We all feel that we have lost a family member today. Her voice was a mother/father/sister/brother/spouse for each one of us at some point in our lives. Her voice is like a pat on the back when you are feeling low, or a warm hug when you feel like nothing is working out or like a hand that pulls you out from a deep pit.

92 years of her existence of this planet was has been an era of music which will be hard to experience again. I am so blessed to have seen/experienced a part of that. Though she obviously lives amongst us through her music, the fact that she isn’t physically here, makes this world a totally different place. There is a missing piece of puzzle and the picture will always feel incomplete.

Till the time I regain my emotional strength to sing something by her again, sharing my past performances which define Lata Didi for me !

Thank you for choosing to live amongst us, Lata didi! You will be missed !