Galavar Khali

A song has so many aspects to it : the lyrics, the composition, the singer’s voice, the music arrangement/ production, the musicians’ soul in it and a couple more. When all the elements fall right in the place to form a perfect puzzle picture, it makes it to the top of the list for more people. I sincerely believe that music is subjective and a song that I love might be in your hate list. But there are a few songs which make it to more love-lists and I believe this one is one amongst them.

Like I have always mentioned from the beginning of creating my official channel, I always wanted to sing the songs which I could rarely sing on stage in my concerts. So you’ll find a lot of male voiced songs in my voice on my channel. I have loved these compositions and have always wanted to attempt singing them and am grateful to have found a place where I can do that.

Swapnil Bandodkar’s voice is like a honey-dipped tiger roar in this one : soft yet so firm and confident about his feelings about his love! I love the usage of komal rishabh by Ajay Atul which in my humble opinion elevates the romantic feeling in this composition.

Hope you like my honest attempt at this melody!