Sunta hai mera khuda

The music of the 90’s film Pukar was ghee-shakkhar for the ‘sweet-tooth of new-age music’ like me. I grew up listening everything from Hindustani Classical, Gazals, Boney M, Abba, Evergreen Bollywood and so on. I distinctly remember getting swayed by ARR’s music every single time I heard it.

The reason I love/admire/sing this song from Pukar is because of the aalap in the intro of the song. The aalap is not as effortless to sing as it sounds. Whenever komal rishab creates a way for itself in a song as intense as this, it is not a little pathway but a highway. The singer’s challenge is to sing this highway in a manner that it looks like an endearing trail in a forest.

Tried singing a short version for Reels/Shorts on the socials. Hope you like my honest attempt!

Do you have a song which you love because of its aalap? Do let me know in the comments!

O Palanhare

This past week I have been in a vulnerable mood. The recent shooting in a school in Texas, singer KK passing away in a sudden manner and a few melancholic losses in my close friend circle led me thinking about how helpless we all are as humankind. We know that everything can come to an end in the fraction of a second, yet we have our weeks, months and years planned ahead of us. The contradiction between these two ideologies finds solace in the concept of a ‘Creator’ – It can be the ‘Divine’ for some and ‘unanswered scientific explanations’ for others.

Some songs help find me that peace and compassion when everything feels gloomy. A R Rahman’s sound combined with Lata didi’s voice in this song has taken it to a different level. Hope you like my honest attempt at this song.

Is there a song which works in the same manner for you?