My gear and recommendations

I always get queries about the gear I use and for product recommendations. So compiling all of it into a list. I usually do a lot of research before buying anything and do not buy unless I am fully convinced. I buy from verified storefronts and official brand stores on amazon because amazon offers a lot of deals which prove to be helpful. Sharing my hours of research here. Hope it helps you. If you do decide to buy anything from the items listed below, and if you appreciate the efforts taken to compile the following, I sincerely request you to buy only from the links below. The links mentioned in the blog are affiliate links and if you decide to buy them, your buying experience on amazon still remains the same but I get a small commission which helps me to keep this website running! So please buy through the mentioned links. You also might end up getting it cheaper. Thanks in advance and good luck! Click on Shop Now and happy shopping!

Entry level gear recommendations for low budgets
Pro-level gear recommendations for good budgets