Dil Ka Raaz Collaboration

I am launching my new original track on 10th Feb and it will be streaming on all platforms.

I’m looking for collaborators to share my new music.

Based on my ethics, I was looking for a brand which is sustainable/ handmade/ promotes mindful and positive values. I wish to work with brands with whom my values and thought processes align.

Would you be interested to collaborate? It will be of mutual benefit and will involve zero cost!

What I kindly expect from you :

  1. To use the song audio in the reels on instagram showcasing your products. (Any one day From 13th to 28th Feb)
  2. Share my song post in your stories & write about my work.

What I can give :

  1. Embed your reel with direct links to your website/ instagram on my official website blog (28000 + views)
  2. Share your product-reel of my audio on my stories (4100 +insta and 11000+ Facebook family)

The song is an upbeat romantic song with a fusion of western rhythm, tabla, acoustic guitars, sitar and my vocals.
You can use any part of the song.

Please fill in the form if you are interested to collaborate and let this be a beginning of mutual growth!