Never Ending Story (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things came on Netflix in 2016 and I was attracted to it with its sepia tone and the perfect feel of 80’s era. This sci-fi series features a story inside a small American town named Hawkins. The most adorable part of this series are the kids Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas and Eleven!

In Season 3 there is a hilarious scene where a monster is chasing the town and Dustin and Suzie (his science camp girlfriend) break into a song(a song-let actually as it is a tiny one), at the end of which they find the answer they are looking for to beat the monster! The song is melodious, catchy and so groovy that I wanted to sing it right the moment I heard it. Joining me for this rendition is my brother Ishan who shares my love for music and many other things close to my heart!

All of this might sound absurd without reference, but if you like some science fiction action and want to be drawn into the ‘upside down’ world of these endearing kids, do not miss Stranger Things on Netflix (This is not a paid review) and this song will grow on you too!

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Turning Red : another animated gem making adults rethink

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We make sure not to miss any addition in the animated film treasure-box, especially if it has Pixar associated with it. I strongly, sincerely and full heartedly believe that animated films are predominantly made for adults to convey deep and heavy stuff cutely to make it reach our hearts gently. I had an old blog of my favourite animated films and why. I’ll make sure to repost it soon.

Last weekend, we treated ourselves to Disney Pixar’s latest ‘Turning Red’ (currently streaming on Hotstar) It is an insightful story of a thirteen year old Mei who puffs into a giant (and super cute) red panda with the surge of her emotions. The film is an amazing journey into managing expectations of parents, growing up, puberty and the effect it has on your physical and emotional well being.

Another thing that made my heart melt in this film was the fictional boy band 4 TOWN which features in the movie. Their resemblance to BTS was uncanny and fun to watch. The music as always was splendid and I am already mentally singing and dancing on one of their tracks (Watch out this space, might post one soon)

Though Turning Red may not be in line with the strongest films like Inside Out by Pixar, I still feel it reaches the viewers’ heart in tackling the important yet universally neglected topic of parent’s expectations so beautifully.

Already Seen? Would love to know your thoughts.

Not yet Seen? Add it to your watchlist with my personal rating of 7/10

Panchayat : a splash of cold water in the scorching heat

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I just switched off the TV after binge-watching season 2 of Panchayat. I am in such a different emotional space right now. In the abundance of content out there today, watching Panchayat was like a splash of cold water in the scorching heat. I remember binging season 1 during the first lockdown in 2020 and eagerly waiting to meet everyone in the Fulera village again soon.

The OTT platforms are a blessing for creative folks and now we can see there is so much treasure out there which was waiting to see the light of the day. After getting a taste of Hollywood, French, German cinema, regional Indian cinema, Korean dramas, over the past decade, I could rarely enjoy Bollywood for obvious reasons (I think I know you know what I mean) But I am so glad to find such rare gems in Hindi OTT.

Panchayat is a story of a city guy who lands a job in the Panchayat office in a small village named Fulera and the episodes revolve around a small and beautiful storyline of simple events in the village. The actors have done a phenomenal job and the casting is so spot on. The cherry on the top is the melliflous title track by Anurag Saikia which has no lyrics and just a wholesome tune which goes straight to the heart. The intense turn in the end of season 2 was so heartwarming. When all the elements of writing, storyline, characters, background score, cinematography fall in perfect place, something mesmerizing like Panchayat happens. Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav amongst all fine actors are a treat to watch as always.

If you haven’t already, please do watch this precious piece of art currently streaming on Amazon Prime, I am sure you will not regret. If you have seen both the seasons, would love to know your thoughts in the comments.

Hope you like my honest attempt at singing the gorgeous title track