Aaja piya tohe pyaar du

The combination of Lata didi and Pancham da has been a little rare. That is what makes songs like this one priceless. I have always tried to take inspiration from the original, keep the soul intact and give my full emotion to the song, while trying to sing it in my way. If you listen to this on headphones, I would like to mention a tiny little thing which I discovered and tried to implement while mixing this song. The initial adleeb Aaja Piya : is plain dry voice, with no reverb or effects. And the full effect on the vocals begins with the next Aaja piya along with the rhythm. I have tried to replicate this mixing technique in my song and it made me realise the magic of sound processing!

Would you like to know more facts like these? Do let me know, and I ‘ll plan to share it in details!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

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