Balala Zop ka ga yet nahi (Angai from Ekda Kaay Zala)

Ekda KaaY Zala is a film by Saleel Kulkarni and it releases next week. This Angaai was released yesterday and I couldn’t stop humming it. Sandeep Khare’s words always do the magic and when combined with Saleel dada’s masterstroke melodies, it never fails to drench us in its beauty. Sunidhi Chauhan has sung this one so beautifully. It is hard to imagine it is the same singer who sang Sheela ki jawaani. A singer’s capability is shaped up many times by a song and an Angaai is certainly one amongst the forms having an incredible capacity to do so!

Hope you like my honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

Also don’t forget to watch Ekda Kaay Zala at a theatre near you ! Many of my loved ones are involved in this film and it is indeed going to be special!

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