Jyoti kalash Chhalke

I have admired the concept of Bhupali !

Bhupali भूपाळी is a traditional form of music in Maharashtra which is sung early in the morning to wake up everyone. It is composed in the raag Bhupali which comprises of just 5 notes. I find it overwhelming how just five notes can create such diverse emotions and has such a wide spectrum of expression.

Jyoti kalash Chhalke is a hindi bhupali composed by Sudheer Phadke, Babuji and has a beautiful description of early morning. Joining me for this song is my friend and an amazing singer Deepika Jog. I always love Deepika’s rendition of this song and invited her to sing this one with me, to which she gladly obliged!

Hope you like our honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

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