Jivalaga Kadhi Re Yeshil Tu

One of the most requested songs on my website was Jivalaga Kadhi Re Yeshil Tu. I was surprised when it came from youngsters along with elder music lovers. I had kept this song pending on the list for a long time because I have sung it so many times in live concerts that I wanted some time to miss the song and sing it again with a fresh attitude.

This marathi classic is famously known to have composed in 4 different raagas for all 4 antaras. The feeling of yearning is expressed with such excellence in this composition by Babuji (Sudheer Phadke) written by Ga Di Madgulkar. Asha ji’s voice is like an entire university and this song is the content of syllabus covered in it! Avid listeners know this song along with the beautiful interludes leading to all antaras composed in the 4 different raagas. So, it was a big challenge to produce this cover, without harming the soul of the song and yet trying to keep it fresh.

Hope you like this honest attempt at this masterpiece. Do share it with your loved ones and keep listening and blessing!

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