Paus medley

If you take a look at my work on youtube, you will find fewer mashups or medleys than full length songs because I am an admirer of lyrics as much as melody and I feel than mashups are a bit unjust to lyrics. You don’t get the full story of a song in a medley as a song shifts to another one seamlessly.

For this week, I have tried out this new pattern in my work. With the rains blessing my city finally (after a looong wait this year) I felt that just one song wouldn’t be enough to express the happiness that I felt upon meeting the rain. I have tried to clubbed 8 of my favourite songs into a medley for this week. There are so many things to be taken into consideration while preparing a medley. The scale, tempo, feel and overall appearance of the whole output together – everything needs to be in place to have a technically sound medley!

Do let me know in the comments how you find this honest attempt of mine and which one from the medley is your favourite song! Also, If you would like to listen to an individual song in its full length, please do let me know and I’ll try and make it happen soon!

Enjoy the monsoons and if travelling, please travel respectfully and sustainable. We have very few good nature-years left on our planet!

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