Day 4 – The song that you know all the words of

Knowing the lyrics by heart while singing is kind of the best thing to have during performance. But practically it becomes extremely difficult at times. Though I know the lyrics of most of the songs by heart, I still have my ipad/notebook in front of me just in case ! But there are a few rare songs, the lyrics of which I seem to remember at any time. One being Shravanat ghaneela barasala. I am amused at how I can remember the words of such a difficult song : both lyrics and melody wise but forget lyrics of easy and simple ones!

I also remember the lyrics of a lot of ninetees bollywood songs and a few evergreen ones! Will write more on them in the upcoming write-ups !

Which is your song for today? Let me know in the comments!

f you are sharing on instagram, please use the hashtag #30daymusicchallengebysaee , so I can read your responses.

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