Bring Me to Life-Evanescence

I have said and written about music-taking-us-back-in-time so many times. My exposure towards global music started with Abba, Boney M, Enrique Iglesias and travelled all the way from English to French, German, Japanese and Korean.

I am fascinated by the versatility in music all over the world, yet the fact that the exact same seven notes exist in all of them. I first heard ‘Bring me to Life’ by  Evanescence in college. I never thought I could have the mindset and vocal strength to sing it. Today with a broader perspective and a little experience, making this honest attempt at this beautiful ninetees’ classic. This song from the album fallen will be almost 20 years old next year. I am in awe of Amy Lee’s voice in this one.

How were you introduced to music other than Indian music? And which is your favourite?

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