Kata Rute Kunala

I have a very unique cozy feeling whenever I think/talk about Shanta bai Shelke. I am unfortunate to have not had the privilege to meet her, but I always feel I have always met her. Whenever I think of my Aaji, I feel like Im thinking about Shantabai Shelke. She feels like my aaji, who used to love me so much, care about me, read me stories and bless me with well-being. Amongst all the songs written by her, I never had the opportunity to sing ‘Kata Rute Kunala’ and this is my first and honest attempt. I have had the opportunity to perform and interact with a lot of disciples & ardent followers of Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki. This is my interpretation of this masterpiece by Panditji and I have tried to sing it the way I understood it.

There is so much treasure in our old literature and I am having the best time in digging gems out and attempting to sing them. Is there anything you would like to listen to in my voice ? Please do drop in the suggestions in the comments ! Thank you for listening and supporting always!

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