Kuch Na Kaho

1942 a love story was an immensely intense film which came in during my childhood. Since I was a kid, I was not allowed to watch this film at that time, but I remember to have listened to all the songs on loop and I remember them word by word (bar by bar – in our musical language) even today.

I learnt today that 1942 – A love story was the first Indian film to use dolby stereo. The songs were composed by Pancham da, R.D Burman and it was one of his last work. Being an ardent fan of Pancham da’s work, singing the compositions which were his last is an emotional ride.

Kuch na Kaho starts off appearing as a simple composition but as the song progresses, we can see the magic of Pancham da! The way he starts the song at ‘Sa’ both the ‘madhyams‘ , rests on ‘pancham‘ and ascends to the ‘taar saptak sa‘ in the mukhda itself, to paint a whole arena of emotions is phenomenal. My most favourite part in the song is the line ‘kya kehna hai’ It is a sure-shot goosebump-y line when it comes with perfect emotion.

Which is your favourite song from the film ?

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